Selim Makina which has been established in the 1940s can produce many types of iron and steel products in different industries. Company has a deep experience on all levels of the LPG Gas Cylinder Equipment & Accessories production for industrial, household or small gas cylinders. Almost all stages of the production are being held under the same facility. Selim Makina has a large machine park including 35 High speed CNC Machines with various sizes, precision levels and axis abilities. Hot forged metal processes fitted to special needs, sensitive blasting, cast iron production stages are all made with high quality standards. Furthermore, paint processes (electro-static powder technology) are all being finalized in the same factory with a high-quality coating according to the demands of the customer. With the years of experience and large facilities company is capable to produce own molds for any type and size of the LPG Gas Cylinder accessories. By 2021 Selim Makina has many customers for the below products with various materials, threads, sizes and shapes according to the customer demands in different locations of the world. Considering the critical pressure equipment quality assurance is also a key factor for the production process of these pressure vessels. Selim Makina with the years’ experience has established a precise quality checks during and after the production. In most cases 100%-gauge controls are being made for the shipped pieces.

Below products are the main categories differing in shape, size and material.

  • LPG Cylinder Bung / Valve Boss / Valve Neck / Neck Ring / LPG Collar/ (Collarette / Collorette)
  • Valve Brass
  • Valve Production Guard / Cap / Guard Ring
  • Forged LPG Valve
  • Cylinder Foot-ring / Bottom Ring
  • Shroud